Doctor shares recipe that will start improving your immunity and kill infections in the body

This miraculous mixture, which originated in the Middle Ages, is still relevant today, and that’s why we decided to share it with you.

The mixture, the recipe of which is found in the text, is very effective, and has antifungal properties and is anti-toxin. The ingredients you will need to make this miraculous mixture, or rather a natural antibiotic, are following and easily accessible:

-700 ml homemade apple cider vinegar

-¼ ginger

-¼ onion

2 large spoons of horseradish

2 large spoons of turmeric powder

¼ garlic

It is prepared in the following very simple and easy way, and here it is: All you will need is in a glass jar to put all the ingredients listed above, then close it well and leave it in a cold place for two weeks.

Shake it occasionally during the two weeks of standing. It is recommended to take one small teaspoon of this mixture every day, and if you are sick, take one large teaspoon of this homemade mixture as a supplement.

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