Doctor explains: How to properly ingest the proper amount of Zinc to improve immunity and keep you healthy

Zinc is an extremely important mineral that our body needs to perform numerous functions

Zinc is an immune protector, protects the body from bacteria and viruses, and is involved in almost every aspect of defense against infection. It is necessary for more than 300 enzyme tasks in the body and is present in every cell of our body – we cannot survive without it.

Zinc helps us grow, develop, breathe and metabolize food. It is a mineral that plays a role in the functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. One of its most important roles is the creation of proteins and DNA synthesis, and it also strongly affects our libido. It protects us from bacteria and viruses, reduces fatigue, joint pain and problems with brittle nails. Zinc also helps our wounds heal, and plays a role in our senses of smell and taste.

Lack of zinc can significantly weaken our body’s defense capabilities. Other problems may also occur: dry skin, hair loss, impotence, diarrhea, loss of appetite, longer wound healing… Of course, it should be noted that these problems can also occur for some other reasons, so consult with A doctor is the best way to get the right diagnosis.

Since the human body cannot produce zinc on its own, it must of course be taken into the body through adequate nutrition.

How much zinc do we need on a daily basis?
Although zinc is very important for the body, necessary for good health and strong immunity, the body does not need large amounts of this mineral.

That’s why there’s no need to overdo it with nutritional supplements: excessive zinc intake can actually lead to other problems, such as poorer absorption of copper, a mineral with which zinc goes well. As long as their ratio is equal.
Most zinc-related problems can be eliminated with a daily intake of 8 to 12 mg of this mineral.

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