Djokovic will drop out of the Top 10 if he is not allowed to play at the US Open?!

As things stand, Novak Djokovic’s prospects of competing at this year’s US Open are diminishing, and if he fails to do so, his ATP ranking will continue to fall.

Specifically, Djokovic’s greatest impediment is the American government’s ban, as he is an unvaccinated foreigner and hence cannot visit American land.

Although various public leaders and fans from around the world have fiercely protested the US government for this decision, it appears that nothing can be done in this circumstance.

Nole will fall out of the Top 10 if he fails to perform at the “US Open” (August 29 – September 11, 2022), and the ATP is mostly responsible for this.

Specifically, if not for the insane decision not to count points at “Wimbledon” this season, Novak would not have dropped to seventh place and hence would not have been out of the Top 10 after missing the “US Open.”

Djokovic is also defending the US Open final and 1,200 points from last year. This means that there will be 3,570 points instead of the prior 4,770. According to the current ATP rankings, that would be sufficient for ninth place, as the eighth-placed player, Andrey Rublyov, has 3,575 points.

In 2017, when he missed many events due to an elbow injury and finished 12th on the ATP list, was the last time Djokovic fell out of the Top 10 tennis players in the world. Prior to that, in 2007, it held the lowest position.

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