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Disgraced Sarpi County Contractor Released from Jail

SARPI COUNTY, Nebraska (Nebraska) — A 6 News investigation last year found that a contractor was taking money from homeowners and not doing the job. Authorities waited weeks to see if the job was done.

Just lyrics created as Mark and Joanne Levine waited months on a porch project that never got started.

“His team got sick; many excuses,” they said.

So they were expecting a refund of the nearly $11,000 they paid to Wesley Sykes of Nailed It Contracting.

“It would be very easy if he just gave us the money back,” Mark said.

Instead, Sykes was taken into custody last week on charges of theft on a warrant for misrepresentation.

“I want this to be taken care of and everyone to be taken care of,” Sykes told 6 News. “That’s where I want to be. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt or hurt by this anymore.”

“Well, that would be great,” Mark said. “If he’s honest about it, do it.”

The Levines were in court last week when Sykes appeared before a judge in a bail case.

“Maybe it wakes him up a bit that people aren’t going to sit back and let him keep doing this, and he can get his life in order and start paying some people he owes money to, give them money back.” — compensation needed by the Levins to restore their stash.

They had to splurge on their retirement savings again to hire a second contractor to get the job done. But they say recovering almost $11,000 the first time will go a long way to cover the unexpectedly higher cost.

The couple’s outdoor addition for the grandchildren and their entertainment will soon become a reality, albeit much more expensive than planned because the first contractor allegedly took almost $11,000 and achieved nothing.

“I’d like to see a check before I see a second chance for him,” Mark said.

But a second contractor gives the Levines a chance to make their dream come true.

Sykes posted $5,000 in cash, or 10% of the $50,000 bond. He was released from jail earlier this week. In a text message, he says he’s learned lessons on how to hire the wrong workers, but claims he’s capable of making things right. Customers say he still hasn’t contacted them about a refund.

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