Developer created simple program that makes a sound whenever Google tracks your PC

A piece of software has been developed by a developer that plays a sound on your device whenever it sends information to Google.

Are you sick of advertisements appearing just minutes after you’ve conducted a search for something? Bert Hubert, a developer at PowerDNS, produced a piece of software called Googerteller in order to demonstrate how voraciously Google consumes data. Googerteller is designed to produce a sound whenever your computer transmits information to Google.

Hubert gathered the IP addresses that were affiliated with this company’s services, with the exception of Google Cloud, so that Googerteller could readily monitor what was being transferred to the servers in question. The software will make a beeping sound if the program or website that you are utilizing attempts to visit any of these IP addresses.

You could believe that you are aware of the frequency with which your computer connects with Google, but utilizing Googerteller might surprise you. Each time you press a key on your keyboard, a beep will sound to indicate that Google is downloading autocomplete suggestions while you input phrases into the search box.

However, this is not entirely the fault of Google Chrome because Firefox also generates the same kinds of results. As can be seen in the video that Hubert uploaded to his website, nearly every contact with the website he went to resulted in a beep. Presumably, this is due to the large amount of data that is being collected using Google Analytics.

Because of the fact that this program was developed for Linux, its applicability is restricted.

If you are interested in testing out Googerteller, you may download it at no cost; but, you should be aware that using it for an extended period of time may not be very entertaining. Additionally, Googlerteller just informs you of what is occurring, but it is up to you to control the amount of data that is shared with others.

Hubert is presently working on expanding Googerteller to include the IP addresses of Facebook, which, like Google, is notorious for gathering information on its users.

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