DeRozan after the written history in the NBA: Unbelievable, maybe I dream (VIDEO)

Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan is definitely the man who marked the start of the new year in the NBA League, and the reason for that are the two great games against the Indiana Pacers and the Washington Wizards, two games in which the sound of the siren brought victories for his team.

DeMar first solved Indiana on New Year’s Eve with a triple, and the next day, from a very difficult position, he ruled Washington, thus writing a new history, becoming the first player who managed to give a winning basket in two days in a row.

-It’s an incredible feeling to hit a threesome with the sound of a siren. It is especially amazing when it happens on the away field. And twice in the last two matches.

– My teammates rely on me and expect me to bring calm to the floor. I am also here to show that you should always believe in victory. These last two matches were the best example. Honestly, it is possible that all this is a dream, these last two shots. “Maybe I’m still dreaming,” said the honest DeRozan.

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