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Demolition of old WOWT broadcast tower nearly complete

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Progress has been increasingly faster as each piece comes down. Lead foreman Mike Berry says it’s been a difficult job.

“We’ve been here almost a month so far,” Berry said.

When it all began, he and his crew faced a job that stood 500 feet tall. It’s the height that made the job so tough.

“At the higher elevations the crane could not reach it so the lower elevations the tower gets wider and wider, harder for our equipment to handle it,” Berry said.

Berry says they’ve had to cut the tower down in sections just as it was built.

“We have to loosen the bolts with hand tools. Everything is just hand tools the same way the tower was erected so many years ago,” Berry said.

The WOWT tower was built around the 1950s and used for all news programming until August 2022 when WOWT moved to a new building.

“It’s belonged to a local TV station everybody in Omaha knows this tower here,” Berry said.

Berry says the new tower for the new WOWT building has a new location.

“All the broadcast equipment has been moved to the tower farm north part of town,” Berry said.

Berry says he’s hopeful the tower is completely demolished by Saturday.

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