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Demand for Community Harvest program increased

OMAHA, Nebraska  — No More Empty Pots is a local group that combats food insecurity in Omaha, but its Community Harvest program provides Community Sourced Agriculture (CSA) boxes that directly distribute food from local farmers.

Taylor Hanna, coordinator of supply chain and logistics, said that demand for CSA boxes increased from approximately 70 or 80 to approximately 140. In tandem with a rise in community need, the number of regular meals has increased.

Each CSA box includes six to nine items, including fruits, vegetables, and a dried commodity like sunflower seeds. All of it is grown locally, from the soil, stems, and locations of over thirty growers and producers. This also benefits the health of locals.

Hanna stated, “It’s vitally important for children to obtain, not only fruits and vegetables in general, but also locally grown produce because there are no pesticides.” There is a great deal more involved, and we are also supporting small food farmers in Omaha.

Hanna added that recipients of the CSAs have provided feedback to the organization indicating that their health has improved.

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