Deliberately pushed the woman onto the rails as the train entered the station! Train driver activates SAFETY BRAKE (VIDEO)

Brussels, Belgium – The woman was pushed onto the rails at Roger station as the metro entered the station, however, she was quickly helped by bystanders, confirmed the Brussels-based public transport company STIB, which operates the metro in the capital.

“The driver reacted very well, but he is very shocked, as well as the victim,” Guy Sablon, a spokesman for STIB, told the Brussels Times.

The subway operator allegedly saw a person on the rails and stopped in time by pulling the emergency brake, as can be seen in the security camera footage.

The video shows the perpetrator, a young man, walking back and forth on the platform, and then suddenly pushing the woman onto the rails. Other people standing on the platform helped the woman get off the rails and get back on the platform.

Police and ambulance were immediately called to the scene. The victim and the subway driver were transferred to the hospital, and after the necessary care was indicated, both were allowed to return home.

The incident led to the interruption of subway traffic between Elisabet and Arts-Loi stations until 20:15.

The perpetrator fled immediately after pushing the woman away, but has since been arrested, the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed on Saturday morning.

“Thanks to the distribution of the suspect’s pictures in the police services, he was intercepted a few minutes later while he was at the De Bruecker metro station,” said spokeswoman Sara Durant.

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