Defiance Harley-Davidson’s Chili Cook-off raises money for women’s rejuvenation

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Some of the best local peppers came face to face Saturday at Defiance Harley-Davidson’s Chili Cook-off, with proceeds going to help victims of labor and sex trafficking.

Proceeds from the cooking go to Rejuvenating Women, an organization that helps build a brighter future and safer homes for labor and sex trafficking survivors. Rejuvenating Women is based in Omaha, and organizers said the fundraiser was the perfect choice.

“Most non-profits like ours need extra funding because people donate at the end of the year, and this is at the beginning of the year, in the first quarter it’s amazing,” said Julie Schrader, CEO and founder of Rejuvenating Women. “Incoming donations will be directed to a house for adult women and a house for a child, which we plan to purchase. It will be the only one of its kind in Nebraska.”

Defiance Harley-Davidson raised $5,000 for the Rejuvenating Women program.

If you missed the Saturday cooking program but still want to support the organization, you can find other ways to help on their website.


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