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David’s morning forecast: sunshine, soft today.

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) – A few high clouds have started to rise in our sky this morning, but we will still see a lot of filtered sunlight today. However, due to clouds and a light northerly breeze, which will intensify towards morning, the temperature will be slightly lower than on Saturday. However, highs should still be in the mid-to-high 40s around the metro, with highs in the 50s near and south of Highway 2. Mild weather is still well above average for this time of year.

Forecast for today (Nebraska)

At night, the temperature drops to +20, the sky is clear. During the night, a southwesterly wind will blow, which, combined with abundant sunshine on Monday, will bring us almost spring weather. Temperatures will quickly rise from the 20s to the 40s by afternoon, with highs likely to exceed 50. Some places may even see peaks near 60 degrees.

Rain possible on Tuesday (Nebraska)

Unfortunately, the heat doesn’t last that long. Clouds thicken on Monday evening, and by Tuesday morning heavy rains begin. Showers and breaks are likely on Tuesday. While it won’t be a total failure, it probably won’t be the best day to spend outdoors. The total rainfall can range from one quarter to half an inch, and more in some places. This is certainly welcome news, given last year’s dry conditions.

Snow possible Wednesday evening (Nebraska)

Another storm system will already be forming when the rain stops on Tuesday evening. Cooler air will seep into Wednesday with highs in the 30s. Snow is expected to fall in parts of the region on Wednesday evening and last until at least Thursday morning. A pattern of several inches of snow is likely, but the exact location of this heavier strip is still in question. Morning forecast data suggests this could happen south of Omaha, but we still have a few more days so stay tuned. Colder weather sets in for days after snow is expected, with highs in the 20s on Thursday and Friday.

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