DART officials confirmed that a new pilot program has been launched that should improve Texans’ safety

DART has launched a trial program utilizing high-tech devices to improve passenger safety, according to transportation authorities.

Federal Transit Administration awarded DART and AerialOne a grant of $184,000 to fund the “Real-Time Transit Infrastructure & Rolling Stock Condition Assessment” program. The program employs unmanned aerial vehicles, laser imaging, and photogrammetry.

President and CEO of DART, Nadine Lee, stated that the software will soon detect potential safety hazards before they become a problem.

“That is the most crucial factor for us, as we must always maintain our trains operational. Lee stated, “We cannot be down at any time.” The changes between each day can be distinguished to the millimeter level.

On Saturday, the equipment was shown at DART’s Central Rail Operating Facility in Dallas.

The Federal Transit Administration’s Deputy Administrator for Administration, Veronica Vanterpool, stated that the funding was an investment in the future of transit.

“This technology is new to the system. This is brand new and fresh from the market. “It’s great to have it in the transportation area,” remarked Vanterpool. “This is innovative for transit. We were pleased to be able to invest and innovate in this manner. What DART is creating is a blueprint for what may be accomplished with transit technology.”

Director of DART External Relations Gordon Shattles stated that the trial program is commencing at a time when ridership demand is rising. Even though demand is not as strong as it was prior to the epidemic, Shattles serves an average of over 130,000 passengers every day.

“The timing could not be more excellent. With folks returning to work, we’re clearly observing a steady rise in ridership. People occasionally tire of working from home. “They desire to return to the office,” Shattles stated. “We want to assure the safety of the rail. We wish to ensure its safety. When our riders return to the office, we want them to have a nice experience.

Shattles stated that the frequency of equipment usage is now being determined.

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