Daniel Craig with a bleeding head in an interview

The British actor Daniel Craig with the film “rival” of “James Bond 007: Skyfall” – Javier Bardem, participated in the Internet show “Actors for actors” (Actors on Actors) of the American media “Variety”. The concept here is that two movie or TV stars are interviewing each other.

After doing the interview, which lasted more than 20 minutes, Bardem noticed that Craig had “something on his forehead”…

– Let me ask you one last question. “What happened to you here?” Bardem asked, pointing to his colleague’s forehead.

– Where? Do I have a sandwich on my head? Jokes Craig.

Then he went to the mirror and when he returned, he explained the wound that was bleeding.

– They gave me a beautiful lamp in the shape of a circle and I put an “iPad” in the middle of it. It just fell on my head, just before the interview, the star of the “James Bond” movies explained with a laugh.

Bardem, on the other hand, concluded that he “did the whole interview” that way. Craig added that he always gets hurt during the filming.

– I played James Bond for 17 years. No wonder I always get hurt when I make a movie. “If I’m not injured while filming, I’re not doing it right,” Craig added.

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