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Dancing, cheering and honking along one of the busiest intersections in Omaha: Omaha woman’s birthday wish come true

OMAHA, Nebraska — A number of folks in Omaha felt the need, in light of recent events, to spread a little bit of happiness at one of the busiest crossroads in the city. It seems that showing some encouraging indicators would be enough to solve the problem.

Cheering, blasting one’s horn, and dancing. A wish granted on one’s birthday.

Sasha Berscheid, who was celebrating her birthday and is also the creator of Project Intentional Inc., expressed her gratitude by saying, “I’m so glad, just so grateful, like this is exactly what I wanted.”

To fulfill her personal birthday desire and to serve as a message of encouragement, Berscheid planned and organized the event.

She said, “We just really, honestly, at the end of the day want to make people smile, and we want them to know that they matter.” “We just really, honestly, at the end of the day want to make people smile,” she said.

A loving message was delivered to the neighborhood through the medium of an inventive counter-protest.

“What if we just spent three hours being very focused with our energy and our time and just spread gladness,” she asked after posing the question to the group. “What if we just raised awareness for happiness and love and kindness?”

Many people came together to support her efforts to turn this into a reality.

“When there is irritability going on, I do not want to keep my mouth shut. I want to be known as someone who brings a smile to other people’s faces “Kat Hope Jones, an Omaha resident, stated.

The signs that were along the sidewalk near 72nd and Dodge each had a slightly different message to convey, but overall they were trying to get across the same point.

Berscheid explained, “I can tag you into kindness, and then you can tag someone else, and before you know it we are generating a ripple effect of positivity in Omaha.”

Words and phrases such as “so delighted you are here” and “you matter” were printed on signs.

She remarked, “Everyone can be positive, and anyone can be nice; it’s an attitude, and all you have to do is be intentional with it.”

She has high expectations that she will be able to carry on with this custom on her birthday in the years to come.

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