Dame Helen Mirren Shares Her Top Health Tips – “Makes You Feel Good”

In a candid interview, the performer revealed two key components of a fulfilling life. “My advice is to work from the inside,” she said back in October 2021. – First of all, take control of your diet and find one that makes you feel good.

“I’m number one at fish and chips, but what you put inside your body really affects how you feel about yourself, so start there.”

Dame Mirren is definitely on to something, as diet can play a crucial role in preventing or causing illness.

Rima Rabheru, a nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), warned that fried fish and chips “may be high in fat and calories.”

Rabheru added, “Even oven chips are usually fried at some point and salt may be added.”

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The US National Health Service claims that eating too much saturated fat can raise “bad” cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

As for salty foods, they can raise blood pressure, meaning you’re at a higher risk of having a heart attack.

High-calorie foods can also contribute to weight gain; Obesity is associated with numerous diseases, including:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Iron.

If you love fish and chips, Rabheru has some tips for making it healthier.

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“If you’re taking takeout, stick to a small portion and ask them to hold on to the salt,” she recommended.

“Soft peas as a side dish will add healthy fiber to your meal and lower your overall fat content.”

Rabheru added, “Some fish and chip shops sell grilled fish. Fish, if not deep-fried, can be a healthy choice.

“And we are all encouraged to eat at least two servings per week (one of which should be oily fish like salmon or sardines).”

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Dame Mirren continued in her interview with Vogue: “Next is exercise that doesn’t mean going to expensive gyms.

“I have a lot of faith in the Canadian Air Force women’s exercise regimen, which is 12 minutes.”

She elaborated, “This is an exercise regimen that starts very low and easy, then if you follow it, it can get quite challenging.

“I’ve never done level two, but it’s a nice little exercise program.”

While there is “nothing extreme” about this mode, Dame Mirren stresses the need to “do it every day.”

While consistent exercise is paramount to better health, Dame Mirren has admitted she can be “incredibly lazy.”

“If I can avoid it, I will, but from time to time I restrain myself and do what I know works,” she added.

Helen Mirren starred in Calendar Girls, which will air on Saturday, March 18 at 11:55 am on Channel Five.

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