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Dallas Police seek help in locating a man that shot and killed 20-year-old earlier this month

DALLAS, Texas – Trackdown takes a look back at the killing of Aareon Johnson in Deep Ellum during this week’s episode.

Since May, there have been four homicides in this area, prompting the Dallas Police Department to establish a special team whose sole responsibility will be to patrol the Deep Ellum Entertainment District.

A man who, according to the police, was witnessing another man burglarize the victim’s vehicle fatally shot the 20-year-old victim.

On September 3, in the wee hours of the morning, the shooting took place at the intersection of Clover Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.

Det. Emmanuel Romano of the Dallas Police Department revealed that at approximately 1:15 a.m., Aareon and his friend heard a car alarm near where they had parked their vehicle. “As they got closer to the vehicle, they saw that the back door was open and a man was rooting around in his belongings. Aareon’s friend dashed over to the automobile, approached him, and then engaged in a fight with him physically.”

According to the police, there was a second man in the alleyway.

Romano stated that the individual “was on looking for others that were coming out.” “He was aware of the argument that was taking place at this location between the friend and the individual who was in the automobile. And at that point, he reached into his pocket for a handgun and fired a shot in this direction, striking Aareon.”

FOX 4 spoke with Johnson’s mother last week.

“He was everything to us,” Angeleka Johnson said about her late husband. “During those 16 years, he was the only child I had. Therefore, we pretty much matured together through both the good and the bad times in our lives. That was my little one. That was the center of my being.”

The investigators claim that they have video footage of the accused.

“You have a very good look at their face as well as their description. One male was wearing a gray hoodie with blue jeans and white and gray sneakers, and who we believe is the shooter was wearing very distinct clothing. In addition to that, he was wearing a black balaclava that covered his face. He was dressed in pants that were orange, a belt of gold, and a dark blue shirt “Romano said. “At some point, he is seen passing the 7-Eleven store on foot. Indeed, he was wearing his mask. But at some point, he was successful in achieving his goal. And we have video evidence of it happening.”

Det. Romano can be reached by phone at (214)470-4876 or via email at [email protected] Anyone who may have information is requested to get in touch with him.

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