Dallas Mavericks surprised local fan, teenager, giving him a pair of shoes and an invitation to a game this fall


— DALLAS, Texas In August, WFAA featured an adolescent as our “Wednesday’s child”; here’s an update on their progress.

Roderick, 16, told WFAA that he loves shoes while his interview was being recorded at the Dallas Mavericks’ arena. He was in for a huge surprise!

Roderick has been in foster care for five years and longs for a permanent family. The Mavericks gave Roderick a taste of what it may be like to be at home. In fact, they promised him a pair of shoes and an invitation to a football game this autumn before he left.

Tuesday, September 13, they partially fulfilled their promise. Cynt Marshall, the CEO of the Mavs, gave Roderick not one but thirteen pairs of very fine basketball sneakers.

His response upon opening the large box containing all of his new sneakers was priceless.

“What? What! Oh, my! What! Oh! Oh, my God! I enjoy it! “He screamed. “We appreciate it, Dallas Mavericks!”

After a long day of school, Roderick did not expect this pleasant surprise. It’s difficult to put oneself in his shoes, yet in this instance, it’s possible.

“”These are my favorites because they sparkle like a diamond,” he added of one pair of shoes.

“These have black and gold, which are my two favorite colors. Thank you very much. These are excellent shoes! “He added regarding a different set of shoes.

According to Roderick’s CPS caseworker, he is still searching for a permanent home and counting his blessings for spontaneous acts of kindness that rejuvenate his spirit.

Send all approved home studies to LaQueena Warren at [email protected] for information on Roderick’s adoption process. Please ensure that Roderick’s name is in the subject line.

If you are not licensed, please visit to learn how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt, or call LaQueena Warren at 817-304-1272.

Click here for other Wednesday’s Child stories and information on how to begin the adoption process.

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