Dallas ISD officials declined to comment about the reports of a child sexually assaulted in Love Field area, ongoing investigation

Dallas, Texas – An investigation has been opened by the Dallas police department after receiving a tip about a youngster being sexually abused close to a school in the Love Field neighborhood last week.

According to the police, the alleged assault took place as the child was wandering in the area of the K.B. Polk Center for Academically Talented and Gifted, which is located near the intersection of Lemmon Avenue and West Mockingbird Lane. On August 31, authorities got a report of the occurrence; however, it was unknown at the time whether the incident actually took place on that day.

Officials from the Dallas Independent School District did not reply quickly to a request for a comment. KDFW-TV (Channel 4) was informed by the school that letters were sent home to parents informing them of the incident a week ago.

The event appears to be an isolated one, and there is no threat to the general public, according to the police.

KDFW was told by the school that the perpetrator was a huge, older male who was wearing a blue flannel jacket. However, the police have not provided any additional facts about the case, including whether or if there is a suspect description.

The school district stated to the station that there has been an effort to boost police presence in the neighborhood and that children are urged to walk in groups. Additionally, the district stated that students are encouraged to bring their lunches.

“It is really concerning, and it is a source of great concern. Robyn Harris, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Independent School District, told KDFW that it is critical to, once again, maintain vigilance. “Just to add that extra layer of safety,” the speaker said.

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