Daddy can’t come in – Kanye accuses Kim of not letting him see the kids because of her new boyfriend

After the divorce, there are many disagreements between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kim is angry these days because her ex-husband said she does not allow him to see their four children.

As it is known, Kim has already continued and started a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, and Kanye claims that the security forbade him to enter the Kardashian villa precisely because her new boyfriend was inside.

“North wanted to show me something in the house, but the security told me, ‘Dad can not come in.’ They did not define the reason. “I did not want to argue with them about it,” said the rapper. interview with “Hollywood Unlocked”.

“I hear that the new boy is in the house I can not even enter. “Nothing will disturb my relationship with the children, and my children will not be on TickTock without my permission,” Kanye said.

This statement completely upset Kim Kardashian, and a source close to the starlet claims that the rapper was never deprived of watching children.

“Pete has yet to meet the children. “It is known that every time he visits Los Angeles, he stays in a hotel in Beverly Hills, where Kim was seen with him,” said the source, and then touched the rapper:

“Kanye has never been deprived of seeing children! The story he is trying to start is false and harmful to their children and their parental relationship. “Nothing stands in the way of him and his children.”

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