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Covid-19 positivity rate in Douglas County with a single digit value as cases continue to decline

Omaha, Nebraska – In Tuesday’s Covid-19 daily report for Douglas County the positivity rate reached single digit value, the lowest seen in weeks.

According to the report, Douglas County added a total of 257 new Covid-19 since Friday. With the latest cases added in the statistics, the total number of cases in Douglas County now reached 141,481 cases.

The most recent case totals pushed the local seven-day average to 85 cases — the lowest it’s been since July 30.

What is even more important currently is the fact that the positivity rate declines and the Douglas County Covid-19 positivity rate dropped from 13.3% to 9.7% in the past week, data taken into consideration as of Saturday.

In Tuesday’s report, the Douglas County Health Department reported two additional Covid-19 related deaths. As per the department’s report, woman in her 50s and man in his 70s, both unvaccinated, died due to Covid-19.

With the latest two reported Covid-deaths, the total number of deaths in Douglas County now reached 1,057.

When it comes to hospitalizations, the department said there have been 260 people in hospital due to corona, which is three more compared to last week’s Friday. However, health experts said multiple times that the number of hospitalizations is expected to decline sometime after the number of cases start to decrease.

Of those patients, 11 were in pediatrics, 35 were in ICUs, and 14 were on ventilators. There were also three adult patients and one pediatric patient awaiting COVID-19 test results.

The Omicron wave is definitely losing its spreading pace in the last few weeks as nationwide Covid-19 trends are declining. Following the more stable situation with the virus, more and more states are loosening the pandemic measures implemented earlier this winter.

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