Couples who save money together stay together


Couples who have a joint account stay together longer, especially those with lower incomes, according to a new study from Cornell University and the University of Colorado.

The study found that couples who have joint bank accounts often have happier relationships and that 62% of them spend money together.

“We studied thousands of couples and looked at their transactional data, but also researched their relationship satisfaction. “We found that couples who have joint accounts stay together longer,” Joe Gladstone of the University of Colorado told Yahoo Finance Live.

Couples with low financial incomes especially benefit from keeping money together, according to the research.

“They are more satisfied in relationships, but they also spend money differently because they tend to spend more on sensible, useful things and less on entertainment,” explains Gladstone.

In addition to a number of other factors, financial dependence can be a significant factor in the success of love relationships among couples.

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