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Council member arrested in connection with voter fraud during 2020 elections

A member of the California City Council has been charged with multiple felonies in connection with the 2020 election.

Shakir Khan of Lodi was arrested on Thursday. CBS.

According to post on instagram from the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, Khan is charged with “causing/coercing/allowing false registration by a voter of himself/another person; Filing fraudulent registration with the Secretary of State; Submission of a fraudulent application for a nomination; Aiding/inciting to commit fraud in any election; Subscription of fictitious names to petitions for nomination of candidates; False nomination/nomination; Fraudulent voting and forcing/assisting/advising/advising another person who does not have the right to vote.”

Khan was already indictment since 2021 for illegal gambling, money laundering, tax evasion and unemployment claim fraud.

“Our investigation found that council member Shakir Khan attempted to undermine, manipulate and violate one of our most basic rights here in our country, which is the right to a free and fair election,” San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Whitrow said in a statement. KTXL-TV.

“It looks like council member Shakir Khan is targeting members of his own community, our Pakistani community in the northern district. And we are doing our best to work with them to make sure they are protected,” he said.

In accordance with KTXL-TVsearch of Khan’s house connected with another investigation 41 sealed and completed mail-in ballots were believed to have been received.

“When we saw this, we thought something was wrong here and we didn’t know that we have a crime at this particular moment, because recently there have been changes in the electoral law and people can cast ballots on behalf of another ‘ said the captain. said Art Harty from the sheriff’s office.

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During a press conference Thursday, the sheriff’s office said 23 people had registered to vote using Khan’s address as theirs. MPs said 47 other people allegedly used Khan’s email address and phone number, although they were listed as living at different addresses.

MPs said they were signature verification issues with the petitions that Khan used to vote, stating that the signatures filed on the petitions did not match the signatures held by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

MPs also claim that some people told them that Khan signed their ballots and that some people who don’t even live in the US voted for Khan.

Deputies claim that Khan posted a video on the social network telling those who you can get an interview “say you filled out the ballot if asked.”

Although Lodi Mayor Mikey Hoti said he secured Khan’s signature on his resignation letter while Khan was in prison, Khan said after his release that he was not resigning.

“I did not give up my seat on the city council,” Khan said. KTsRA-TV. “I will continue to serve the people I love in my area and my community. My family and I are going through difficult times right now and we look forward to challenging these allegations,” Khan said.

Allen Sawyer, Khan’s attorney, said that if Lodi “tries to get what I think is a sham resignation, they’re getting into a major federal lawsuit.”

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