Council Bluffs was designated as the bee city and city officials are trying to keep the city pollinator-friendly

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa  — Council Bluffs is a desirable location.

It has been classified as a bee city, signifying a commitment to being pollinator-friendly.

Michelle Biodrowski, a resident of CB and a lover of the outdoors, is keeping her word. She calls herself the city’s “cheerleader.” She hopes that her neighbors will respect Mother Nature and follow her example by planting native species and limiting chemical use.

“I do not wish to be overly dramatic, but we are currently experiencing something of an insect Armageddon. Our insect populations, notably those of pollinators, are rapidly declining. If there are no insects, there is no food security “Biodrowski remarked.

In addition to the city’s classification as a bee city, Biodrowski wishes to safeguard other pollinators, including beetles, wasps, flies, and butterflies. She emphasizes that we must eliminate lawn grass and increase the number of native plants in our gardens so that insects have something to eat.

“Potential cancer treatments could be lost in the future, along with all the beauty and color you see here and in our lives. And we would be in serious problems without insects “Biodrowski remarked.

She is not the only local individual taking steps to conserve pollinators.

Beekeepers in rural Council Bluffs are preparing for winter by feeding bees nutrient-rich sugar and syrup. Chris Ruhaak, a conservationist, feels that helping the environment will not only enhance our surroundings but also save our lives.

“Normal individuals are able to help grow flowers. You do not need to be employed in that field; you can simply be an outdoor enthusiast “Ruhaak stated.

Biodrowski explains that the classification of a city as a “bee city” is not just about the insects, but also about reminding people to “bee” careful of what remains.

Biodrowski stated, “Once they are gone, they are gone forever.”


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