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Costco in west Omaha is becoming a reality; the store to be build southeast of 180th Street and West Maple Road on 36 acres

OMAHA, Nebraska — West Omaha might see the arrival of another another large-scale retail outlet in the near future. The preliminary building permit for a Costco to be constructed on 36 acres to the southeast of 180th Street and West Maple Road was granted by the city planning board.

Change is inevitable as a result of Omaha’s continued growth. The population of the city is expected to increase to more than one million during the next three years. David Fanslau, the municipal planner for the area, anticipates that the northwest section of the city will undergo additional change.

Fanslau was quoted as saying that “it’s fresh suburban ground that’s ripe for development and some people prefer that.”

That is why Costco is considering constructing a store on the surrounding 36 acres of land. Mixed-use zoning was approved by the city’s planning board, which means that it is now possible to have both commercial and office space.

According to Fanslau, “They have offered an office building. They have proposed, as you are aware, a gas station. Their gas lot is going to be one of their lots.”

However, not all residents are excited about the prospect of additional business development.

The possible increase in vehicular traffic that would result from the opening of a second Costco is the issue that worries the neighborhood’s residents the most.

Catalin Ngrui, a resident of the neighborhood, expressed concern that it would pose “kind of a safety threat,” in addition to causing “concerns about light pollution and other stuff.”

Ngrui is located very near to the excavation site. Because this is a residential neighborhood full of children who are out running and playing, he is concerned about how safe it is for them.

Even though concerns similar to these were brought up during the meeting of the planning board, Mike Pate, a member of the board, isn’t overly concerned.

I seriously doubt that anything other than the neighbors who want to go to Costco themselves will go through the neighborhood, as there are other entrance and exit routes to navigate, Pate said. “I doubt that very little of that traffic will go through the neighborhood because there are other entrance and exit routes to maneuver,” he said.

Ngrui stated that they had no idea what the upcoming events will be like.

The subsequent action required is for the Omaha City Council to provide its preliminary approval.

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