Coppell resident who has a second home in Naples, Florida decided to ride out the storm

NAPLES, Fla. – The western coast of Florida has already received several inches of rainfall from Hurricane Ian.

A Coppell resident with a second house in Naples, Florida chose to weather the hurricane there.

Kim Clark reported that her garage contained three feet of water and that the water was inches from their high front door.

Clark stated, “I feel rather secure in this home, which was constructed three years ago out of concrete with a metal roof and is situated on a hill.”

Clark resides in both Coppell and Naples, where she spoke with FOX 4 via Zoom on Wednesday morning.

“Tuesday, the tide shifted, but it was too late to make preparations to go,” she claimed.

Tuesday, there were little supplies remaining in stores.

Clark stated, “Grocery stores teeming with people, but devoid of merchandise.” “ACE was without batteries, rationing wiring, and used mulch sacks as sandbags.”

Clark has seen multiple hurricanes of Category 3, but Hurricane Ian strengthened overnight and made ashore as a Category 4 storm.

“When I awoke this morning and learned [that it was a Category 4 hurricane], I was quite anxious. “Category 3 is manageable,” she stated. “The lights are currently flickering; we’re getting closer.”

Multiple states, including Texas, are sending mutual aid.

Jeff Saunders of Texas A&M Task Force 1 stated that the squad is prepared to initiate search and rescue operations when FEMA calls.

“Every member of our staff has received the necessary training, and all of our tools and equipment are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

At 6 a.m. on [Tuesday] morning, FEMA contacted us and activated the 45-person team,” he stated.

Task Force 1, comprised of firemen from North Texas, is in the panhandle of Florida awaiting assignment.

“All of our team members are volunteers. This means that all training hours and preparation are completed on their own time, as outlined by Saunders.

Saunders discussed the extraordinary intensity of Hurricane Ian.

“Overnight, the eye wall was totally regenerated. Significantly, forecasters are now anticipating a storm surge of 12 to 18 feet. All of this will prevent rain from falling, he stated. It will be raining in both directions, which will cause significant flooding inland.

Task Force 1 will be able to perform land and water-based search and rescue operations.

“They are completely prepared. I suppose that they are itching for a battle would be a nice way to put it. “They are ready to go and willing to assist, and they can accomplish the most good in the shortest amount of time,” he continued.

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