Cop Day in Bellevue

OMAHA, Nebraska – National Coffee with a Cop Day is on Saturday. On Saturday morning, law enforcement officers stationed themselves at neighborhood coffee shops, eateries, and fast food restaurants around the nation.

Lisa Pietsch concluded her early-morning bicycle ride and proceeded to Elevated Coffee in Bellevue.

“We like to express our appreciation and support for the police. And get acquainted with them,” she urged.

A few individuals conversed with cops. There were more officers than people drinking coffee. However, this is not the only event organized by local law enforcement to foster strong community ties.

Thomas Pat Pillow is a Bellevue resident. He served in the Air Force and was a Missouri police officer.

“These men stop to speak with me. And I appreciate that in police officers,” Pillow remarked. “Knowing that cop, knowing that individual, and establishing trust so that you can say, ‘Hey, I know that man'” And so kids believe they can go to that individual and trust them if something goes wrong.”

“Every time you have a positive interaction with a police officer, you gain trust in their ability to assist you,” said Pietsch.

One of the cops Pietsch spoke with was Jess Manning, a resource officer at a middle school in Bellevue.

“An event like this offers us the opportunity to practice connecting with people and conversing with them,” added Manning.

Manning stated that she works to create early trust with police enforcement.

“I can see that they are becoming accustomed to my presence. And I can only hope that if they are comfortable with me, they will be with the next officer they encounter.”

Public events such as National Coffee with a Cop Day contribute to the development of a trustworthy community. BPD also hosts other activities, such as National Night Out, to further its aim of fostering cooperation between the public and police enforcement.

“This is only a single piece. Now, we utilize social media frequently. In addition, I am one of the officers that uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And it is a terrific method to reach out to people since so much of the community and the world is now on social media,” Manning added.

Saturday was just one day designed to create a relationship between law enforcement and the community, but there are other initiatives, such as the Omaha Police Department’s PACE athletics program for youth. Additionally, the Omaha Police Department stated that they participated in National Coffee with a Cop Day on Saturday. Officers were stationed in five places throughout Omaha.

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