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Congressman pulls out a poster with 1 question about a person

A Republican congressman made a splash at a House Judiciary Committee meeting by asking one simple question about an illegal immigrant who has been deported six times.

On Wednesday, the committee held hearing discuss the security of the southern border. Texas Rep. Troy Nels criticized the Biden administration’s irresponsible border policies that allow dangerous people to cross the border and harm American citizens.

As an example, he held a poster of Marlon Alexander Zavala-Alcantara, a deportee who was arrested in 2020 after he allegedly hit and killed an elderly woman with a car, according to Breitbart.

At the time, Nels was serving as Sheriff of Fort Bend County, Texas, where the crime took place.

He told Breitbart: “This is a direct result of the unwillingness of Congress to take action to protect our border. …God bless President Donald Trump for what he has done to secure the border despite the full opposition of the Democratic-led House of Representatives.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that Zavala-Alcantara was an illegal immigrant from Honduras who was deported six times. Breitbart said his previous deportations were related to allegations of drunk driving, aggravated battery and illegally attempting to re-enter the country after being expelled.

“We are tired of telling these stories. We are tired of families coming to our offices and explaining that their loved ones were killed by people who should not be here at all, ”Nels said on Wednesday.

Now that he’s a congressman, Nels has a serious question for the people whose policies allowed Zavala-Alcantara to return to the United States: “How does a guy get deported more than once?”

The answer to Nels’ question is actually quite simple: weak border enforcement that allows anyone and everyone to enter the country.

Of the six previous Zavala-Alcantara deportations, one was under the Republican administration of George W. Bush, and the other five were under the administration of Barack Obama, when lax border policies led to a surge in illegal immigration.

This refusal to enforce border laws allowed illegal immigrants how Zavala-Alcantara repeatedly entered the country and was one of the reasons why Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall on the southern border was so popular.

Now the Biden administration has returned to the same reckless policies and dangerous criminals, including FBI registered individuals. list of terrorists – again allowed to broadcast across the border.

Nels is right—the Biden administration’s failure to enforce the law puts Americans at risk.

Dangerous people are allowed into the country who kill our citizens. It’s time for our government to stop the border madness and keep Americans safe.

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