Completely new Covid-19 variant might emerge as soon as this winter, health experts claim

However, the pharmaceuticals agency for the European Union has stated that existing vaccines should still be able to prevent individuals from serious illness even if a “totally new” strain of covid emerges this winter.

Today, officials from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that the organization is making preparations to begin a vaccine campaign in front of an anticipated fresh wave of coronavirus cases. At a recent press conference, Marco Cavalleri, who is in charge of vaccines at the EMA, stated that individuals “shouldn’t wait for a specific vaccine.”

He stated, “Perhaps an entirely new variant will develop in the future that we are unable to predict at this time.”

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted approval on August 31 to vaccines developed by Pfizer/Biotech and Moderna for the treatment of the older omicron subvariant of BA. 1.

Within the next several weeks, it is anticipated that the vaccine that was created by Pfizer and targets the strains that are currently in the majority will be given approval.

According to Cavalleri, the new vaccines that have been tailored for the omicron particle will be used primarily as boosters for the elderly, fragile, pregnant women, and health care personnel.

The vast majority of people will continue to receive the vaccines that were initially developed to combat the coronavirus that was initially discovered.

Even if they are not as effective at preventing milder infections, “the original immunizations can still protect against severe sickness and death from Covid-19,” stated the researcher. This is despite the fact that the vaccines have been in use for decades.

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