Common mistakes women made in love-life revealed

Facebook and Twitter are constantly flooded with messages, status updates, and memes giving advice for individuals in the dating pool who are still searching for love. Many of these status updates come from those who have successfully navigated courtship and are now on the side of commitment through marriage, while others contain information from those who have become bitter as a result of unhappy relationships. It can be difficult for a woman who is unfamiliar with the standards of dating and the “rules” that follow them to know what to do to win the heart of a man who has caught her attention, but Tony Gaskins, a world-famous celebrity relationship coach, always has a great message for women seeking the men they deserve.

Offering too much too quickly

Tony discussed the most common dating error women make in a Facebook post: praising a boyfriend. What he meant by praise was the additional effort and assistance women provide to guys they are courting who have not yet pledged her a lifetime of devotion.

She cooks, cleans, and has sex on order with him, remains true and loyal, and even moves in with him.

Tony made it his mission to persuade women to quit praising their lovers and to resist from offering everything before a pledge of a lifelong commitment.

Tony asks hypothetically to capture the attention of his female audience, “Why would a man work to have a woman if she is providing everything easily and with little effort?”

“Close your legs and open your thoughts to get to know a man before giving everything,” is his counsel to ladies who offer too much too fast in a relationship.

This is sound advise for any woman seeking a long-term or permanent relationship with a man.

It is natural for a woman to be caring and giving, but giving lavishly before hearing the words “I chose you for life” puts a woman in a position to be exploited.

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