“Cold water immersion” has been shown to relieve several symptoms associated with gout arthritis attacks.

Arthritis exists in many different forms, but gout is considered the most painful. In this condition, needle-sharp crystals accumulate in the joints, causing bouts of pain that can last for weeks. According to one study, immersing affected joints in cold water can significantly reduce symptoms associated with this disease.

Gout is an autoinflammatory arthritis that causes chronic, long-term pain and sudden onset of symptoms.

Cold therapy has been shown in several different studies to be a useful adjuvant therapy for gouty arthritis pain.

“Pain affects physical activity, joint mobility, stress anxiety, depression and quality of life,” explain the authors of an Indonesian study published by Biological Research for Nursing.

They added: “Cold water immersion therapy reduces inflammation and pain associated with gouty arthritis.”

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The results were obtained from a study of 76 participants who were randomly selected and divided into two groups.

The intervention group was immersed in cold water at 20 to 30 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes a day, four days a week.

The entire part of the inflamed joint was submerged during treatment.

Participants continued their daily activities during the intervention period, which took place after the activity was completed.


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In the course of the study, the researchers observed that “cold water immersion (CWI) reduces pain, stress, anxiety, and depression and increases joint mobility, physical activity, and quality of life.”

The US National Library of Medicine claims that cold water immersion can cut the inflammatory response in half.

It does this by attenuating the metabolic processes in stressed tissues that are responsible for mediating inflammation.

Second, it causes tiny vessels to constrict, which reduces circulatory access to inflammatory cells.

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It should be noted that in people suffering from other forms of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, heat often relieves pain in painful areas.

What causes gout?

Gout attacks occur when the kidneys struggle to get enough uric acid out of the body, leaving it to build up in the joints.

“Gout occurs when excess uric acid crystallizes, causing inflammation in the joints,” explains Harvard Health.

The main trigger for gout attacks is an excess of purines in the body, which is found in tissues and foods.

The body continuously breaks down purine molecules and their by-product, uric acid.

Sometimes, overeating purine-rich foods can cause your body to be unable to handle them.

This is why people with gout are usually advised to avoid large meals, which include certain types of fish, meat, and alcoholic beverages.

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