Chris Paul makes history – joins Kidd and Stockton with over 11,000 assists


The veteran, playing for the Phoenix Suns, managed to surpass the figure of 11 thousand assists, something that only two others managed.

The Los Angeles Clippers welcomed the Phoenix Suns to the “” arena in the largest city in California, and in front of just over 19,000 spectators, the guests from Phoenix took the victory, celebrating with 95:112.

Devin Booker was unstoppable for the visitors, scoring 35 points, Australian Jock Landale had 10 rebounds, and Paul stood out with 11 assists. At home, Marcus Morris scored 22 points, John Wall 17, and Paul George 16.

The game will be remembered for the fact that the 37-year-old Chris Paul joined the company of Jason Kidd and John Stockton – those three are the only ones in the history of the NBA to make over 11,000 assists. In addition, Paul is the only one of the above who scored over 20,000 points.


Los Angeles Clippers – Phoenix Suns 95:112
Philadelphia 76ers – Indiana Pacers 120:1067
Miami Heat – Toronto Raptors 90:98
New York Knicks – Orlando Magic 115:102
Chicago Bulls – Boston Celtics 120:102
Houston Rockets – Utah Jazz 114:108
Memphis Grizzlies – Brooklyn Nets 134:124
Minnesota Timberwolves – San Antonio Spurs 106:115
Portland Trail Blazers – Denver Nuggets 135:110



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