Chris Knott and his wife together again

Chris Knott tries to be an exemplary husband and bring back his wife and family. His wife, Tara Wilson, has been away from home for some time, touring America over the Christmas holidays over allegations that the actor sexually assaulted several women. The stories are from many years ago, and he claims that it was by mutual consent. However, one incident occurred during his marriage, three years after he married Tara.

The couple seems to be trying to make things right. On Wednesday, Knott was spotted shopping at a grocery store in Los Angeles, and before that he was walking with Tara and the boys – Orion is 14 years old, and Keats is one year old, reports “Daily Mail”.

This is the first time that 67-year-old Nott has been seen in the company of his family after the accusations.

Chris wears his wedding ring, but 39-year-old Tara does not. They are trying to return to a bit of normalcy after the scandal that is currently plaguing Chris, say their relatives. He was fired from the series in which he participated – “The Defender” and was generally left without the support of colleagues.

Tara was in a relatively good mood while talking to her husband, eyewitnesses said. They loaded their shopping bags into her white Tesla.

A total of four women complain of being attacked by the actor. The latter said that the actor touched her without consent when she worked as a hostess and singer in the restaurant “Da Marino” in Manhattan in 2010. She was 18 at the time, and Not 55.

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