Chinese scientists have developed a robotic fish that swallows microplastics

According to a group of Chinese scientists from Sichuan University in southwest China, robotic fish that “eat” microplastics could one day contribute in the cleanup of the world’s contaminated oceans.

They have created 1.3-centimeter-long robots that successfully remove microplastics from shallow seas.

Wang Yuyan, a member of the team that developed the robot, stated that the Chinese scientists’ goal is to enable the gathering of microplastics in deeper seas and offer data for real-time monitoring of marine pollution.
Soft to the touch, scientists can control the black robotic fish with light to prevent collisions with other fish or ships.

Wang stated that if it is accidently consumed by other fish, it can be digested without harm because it is composed of biocompatible polyurethane.

Even when wounded, the fish is able to absorb dangerous toxins.

It can swim at 2.76 body lengths per second, which is faster than the majority of robots.

Wang stated, “We mostly collect microplastics, but the robot has other applications.”

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