Chinese city of Xi’an is gradually opening lifting Covid-19 restrictions as numbers are decreasing

After more than three weeks, the Chinese city of Xi’an has gradually begun lifting restrictions on coronavirus viruses.

The state broadcaster “CCTV” reported today that certain areas and development zones in Xi’an have started to resume production, reports the AP agency.

Officials told a news conference that isolation measures had been partially or completely abolished in some communities marked as less risky, allowing people to leave their homes for a limited time to buy daily necessities.

A strict lockdown was introduced in Xi’an on December 22, after the outbreak of coronavirus cases, which officials attributed to delta soy, reports Tanjug.

The city of Xi’an, with a population of 13 million, has reported over 2,000 coronavirus infections since December last year, according to the AP.

China is trying to suppress the local transmission of omicron and delta soy with its “zero kovid” policy.

Several municipalities and cities in the southern province of Gwangdong, including the capital Beijing, have registered local cases of omicron strain corona virus in recent days.

Earlier today, the Chinese capital, Beijing, passed a new provision according to which passengers will be required to have a negative PCR test for the corona virus, not older than 72 hours, in order to enter the city.

On Saturday, the city reported the first local infection with the highly transmissible omicron strain, and it was registered, as it is stated, with a person who visited several shopping centers and restaurants in the past 14 days.

It is also stated that the person has not left the city since the beginning of this year.

The new provision, which will be in force from January 22 to the end of March, aims to help in the early detection of omicron strains, he announced on his official account on the social networks “Beijing Daily”.

About 13,000 people were tested for the corona virus in the Beijing district, where a case of omicron was discovered, but none of the results were positive, according to the “Beijing Daily”, referring to officially published data.

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