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Children’s Hospital in Omaha running low on pediatric Covid-19 beds, number of patients at all time high

Omaha, Nebraska – Omicron causes a lot of problems for hospitals and the latest hospital added on the list is the Children’s Hospital in Omaha which is running low on pediatric beds for Covid-19 cases lately.

According to the officials with the hospitals, the current number of Covid-19 hospitalized cases in children is 18.

Just for a comparison, the hospital had 4-6 Covid-19 patients per week during the fall, 6-8 on big week and 1-3 during the last spring.

The latest surge in cases is causing problems for the hospital since they are having hard times to look over all the children in the area needing medical attention.

Recently, several outlets reported that most of the hospitalizations in children countrywide have been unvaccinated.

So is the case in Nebraska, where most of the hospitalized children were eligible for the vaccine, but didn’t get it.

Because of the increase in hospitalizations and staff shortages they have been unable to accept as many children that need medical attention as they used to. They’ve been forced to send kids to other partners and colleagues in the Lincoln and Omaha area.

“It’s a different reality than we had been in ever before. I mean, we’ve had to divert patients, but not on a daily basis, and so every day it’s a discussion if we have a bed for that child,” Dr. Sharon Stoolman said. “That’s scary. There are some families that are very dependent upon many specialists, and that idea is a bit frightening.”

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