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Child Ripped from Car and Forcibly Moved to Woods Before Hands Close Around His Neck… But an Armed Citizen Was Silently Watching

If you’re going to commit a crime, you might want to think about not doing it in the state with the sixth-highest number of guns.

That’s an estimate of gun ownership in the state of Georgia. (No one really knows for sure, thankfully, because mandatory gun registration remains a leftist pipe dream.) When per capita gun ownership is in view, Georgia still remains in the top 40 percent of the country.

Haimnarine Doobay learned that lesson — one hopes — when he was stopped in the act of allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a 5-year-old family member.

According to a police news release (below), officers were called to a location on Watson Blvd. in Warner Robins, Georgia, a city of about 80,000 people located in the central part of the state, south of Macon.

That address belongs to a local Walmart, where police had been told a kidnapping was in progress.

When they arrived, they found a witness had seen Doobay, 67, arrive at the Walmart and pull a young child from his vehicle “forcefully.” He then “took them into the woods behind the business. H Doobay then threw the juvenile to the ground and began choking them.”

The alleged victim’s gender was not provided in the release, but Lt. Eric Gossman of the Warner Robins Police Department confirmed the child’s age to The Macon Telegraph as well as the fact that he or she was related to the accused.

Police had no trouble locating Doobay or taking him into custody, because he was already being detained at gunpoint by an unidentified armed witness.

He was facing charges of aggravated assault and cruelty toward a child, but Gossman seemed to indicate that kidnapping charges could also be forthcoming.

Do you carry a firearm?

“It wasn’t a random act like some of the comments on Facebook might have been assuming,” Gossman said. “The kidnapping stems from him forcibly moving the kid from one spot to the other the way he did.”

Where Doobay and the child had been driving from prior to their arrival at the Walmart was not immediately reported. Neither was Doobay’s citizenship or residency status.

The child was delivered into the custody of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile division “for further follow-up and care,” according to the release.

You can see the media release from the Warner Robins Police Department here:

So, if you’re thinking about a life of crime, my only advice for you — other than stopping to reconsider your life goals, of course — would be to start out in a state with lower levels of gun ownership than Georgia — which would be most of them.

New England would be a good place to start, probably. They just don’t seem to take their right to self-defense very seriously up there — which means they’re often not in much a position to defend anyone’s else life, either. Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine and my own home state of Massachusetts are all among the bottom 11 states when ranked by estimated per capita gun ownership.

I’d advise against New Hampshire, however.

With the fourth-highest rate of estimated gun ownership per capita, those folks apparently take the whole “Live Free or Die” thing pretty seriously.

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