Chew more: Slow eating can help fight disease

According to the expert, chewing every bite of food at least 30 times can help fight diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Peter Gartner recommends putting down cutlery with meals, arguing that diners who rush to eat risk health damage due to insufficient digestion of food.

He said that the habit of swallowing can cause inflammation of the intestines, as well as destroy the immune cells stored in it.

Keeping the gut in good shape can prevent the transfer of a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease from the gut to the brain. And type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and depression are also linked to poor bowel function.

Dr. Gartner said that the average person chews food for only 10 seconds. But he says chewing every bite thoroughly can keep your gut healthy by “pre-digesting” the food.

Each piece is broken down by saliva and delivered in a more digestible form without straining the intestines. doctor

Gartner’s practice, where he is director of the Park Igls medical resort in Austria, is based on the theories of 20th-century medical pioneer Franz Mayr.

He even runs “chew training courses” to teach him how to eat slowly.

Dr. Gartner said, “It’s one of the simple principles of Mayr’s chewing technique. This is not a trademark – just chewing.

“When you don’t chew properly, your intestines have to chew for you, and you have more time for gas and alcohol to build up.

“With every bite, you double the surface of your food, so when you chew 30 times, you have 1,000 times more surface and are more likely to have saliva enzymes do their job.”

Mayr was an Austrian physician who believed that good general health was due to the intestines and that patients could be treated by keeping them in good shape.

Dr. Gartner said: “His idea was that the intestine is the center of our body. It is proven that he was right. Everything in our body is directly or indirectly connected to our intestines.”

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