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Chase ATMs in NYC close early due to ‘rising crime’ and ‘vagrancy’

Crime makes it much harder to get cash in the Big Apple. You can count on it.

Chase Bank is blocking several 24-hour ATMs early “due to rising crime.”

“Our apologies. We have decided (sic) to close a number of ATM lobbies at 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM, adjusting opening hours to match regular branch hours, due to the increase in crime and vagrancy that has taken place in these lobbies, which previously They worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” Chase tweeted this week.

But the bank was cautious about the scale of the cuts.

“For the safety of our customers and employees, we may temporarily close some ATMs overnight,” a spokesperson for Chase The Post said, without answering questions about the time and place of the lockdown. “We cannot confirm how many ATMs are affected because they are constantly changing.”

One disgruntled visitor, Sunny Ng from Brooklyn, tweeted Tuesday night that he could not access ATMs in Fort Greene and Williamsburg.

Pictured is Chase Bank.
A dissatisfied customer “expressed” that access to ATMs is most needed outside the bank’s business hours.
Paul Martinka

“Very annoying that @chase is blocking their ATMs now at 10pm. I thought this was New York? Ng tweeted.

“I am somewhat shocked that they [Chase] recognized that this is what they are doing,” said Ng, a 37-year-old software engineer, in an interview with The Post, noting that ATMs are most needed after bank hours. “This is stupid”.

Chase’s online support acknowledgment has rattled some customers on Twitter.

Image of a Chase Bank post with modified opening hours.
The Post previously reported that Chase blocked out ATM users at night to keep the homeless out.
Paul Martinka

“Are you going to refund customers ATM fees when we are scammed into using the wine cellar ATM to pay for our late pizza slice because you can’t provide basic services to account holders?” pissed off one angry customer.

“Inconvenience for the entire industrial, working community, but a guarantee of rights for criminals. Typical New York politics and middle class results that all you politicians are falsely claiming, advocating.” grunted another ticked twitter.

In August, The Post reported that banks across the city were blocking ATMs at night to keep homeless people out, some of whom were using the lobbies as restrooms.

The homeless man sleeps on the ground.
“You get a homeless person who shits or someone who commits a crime… It becomes too much work,” said John Weilbaker, president of
Robert Nickelsberg

“Chase doesn’t make a lot of money from these lobbies. It’s not making money,” said John Weilbaker, 64, president of, which has been selling and servicing ATMs for two decades. He said banks were paying more than $25,000 for cars. “You get a homeless person who shits or someone who commits a crime by putting a skimmer on an ATM. It’s too much work,” he said, noting liability issues.

Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD sergeant and associate professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, warned: “When a big bank like Chase shuts down ATMs early or restricts access to them because of criminal activity, it’s time to act. Albany. We know that retail has been crushed by crime and now banks are worried about their customers. Weak politics, stupid laws, non-prosecuting district attorneys, and incompetent politicians are doing their best to bring the 1990s on.”

People walk near Chase Bank.
“When a big bank like Chase shuts down ATMs early or restricts access to them due to criminal activity, it’s time for Albany to act,” warned one police expert.

A spokesperson for the New York Bankers’ Association said: “Ensuring the safety of customers and employees has always been a top priority for the banking industry. While we did not conduct a recent survey of our members on this topic, as problems arise, NYBA and our members are evaluating possible trends with the intent to work with banks, law enforcement, and the local community to find solutions.”

Bank of America, City National and Citizens did not respond to requests for comment.

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