Charlie Sheen got his first big role after 5 years, he is coming back on TV sooner than you think

The famous actor best known for his role as Charlie in the series “Two and a Half Men”, will soon return to the small screens, Page Six has learned.

Charlie Sheen has not appeared on camera since 2017 in anything other than some minor supporting roles, and has now begun filming a pilot episode for the new series, written and produced by Entourage creator Doug Elin.

Elin and Sheen apparently became friends when Elin brought Sheen as a guest on his Victory The Podcast show last year, and during the show she hinted that he and Sheen were working on a joint project.

Elin then said that he had given Sheen some ideas for a series to consider – and that he wanted to include Charlie’s father, Martin, in the show.

Page Six learns that filming of the unnamed pilot has begun and they have indeed persuaded Shin Sr. to stand in front of the camera.

Sheen recently hinted that he was working with Elin when he posted an Instagram photo of him and two other actors with the caption: “Epic first day with my new ‘second’ family.”

To recap, Sheen infamously left his phenomenal TV career in 2011 when he launched a public attack on Chuck Lorre, creator and executive producer of Sheen’s hit series “Two and a Half Men”.

Shin, who has long had substance abuse problems, was fired and gave a series of bizarre TV interviews shortly afterwards.

He was replaced in the series by Ashton Kutcher, and Sheen devoted himself to other, less successful projects.

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