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Charleston Police released a photo of a man who witnessed Friday’s hit-and-run that resulted with two people injured

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – Photos were issued by the Charleston Police Department on Monday afternoon of a man who they suspect may be a witness to a hit-and-run accident that occurred on Friday and left two persons injured.

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The left arm of the man bears what the authorities refer to as “a striking tattoo.”

The individual is believed to have been inside the vehicle that was involved in the incident that occurred on Friday at approximately 1:55 a.m. near the junction of Meeting Street and Columbus Street, according to the police.

According to the police, there are no warrants out for this man’s arrest. Investigators are looking for him so they can ask him about the case.

Due to their severe injuries, two women were taken to the hospital after the collision.

The suspect, identified as Erik Gustav Kirby, 31, from Charleston, was taken into custody early on Sunday morning in connection with the incident.

The Al Cannon Center was where Kirby was being detained at the time.

The police reported that they were still trying to locate the vehicle involved in the incident.

Please contact the Charleston Police Department at (843) 743-7200 if you recognize the individual in the photo.

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