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Chalk Art Festival returned to Omaha, Sunday’s weather was perfect for festival goers

OMAHA, Nebraska — The fourth annual Chalk Art Festival, whose subject for this year was “Chalking on Sunshine,” took place on Sunday during a day when the weather was ideal.

Throughout the course of the day, forty local artists will be changing the sidewalks of Farnam Street in Midtown, stretching from Turner to 33rd street, into stunning works of art.

The event’s organizers believe that it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the inventiveness and vitality of the Omaha arts community.

According to Elizebeth Murphy, president of Emspace + Lovgren, “I think what’s amazing about it is this is artwork that artists come and they spend two whole days or in this case one day working hard on, and it’s not here forever so it’s interesting to see how much effort and talent and creativity goes into something that’s only going to be here for a few days.”

The event held on Sunday included two winners: the best in show, which was selected by a panel of judges and awarded a prize of $1,000; and the People’s Choice award winner, which was awarded a prize of a $100 gift card to a store of the winner’s choosing.

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