Celine Dion’s health condition still does not improve, she can barely walk, her friends worried

In October last year, Canadian music diva Celine Dion upset fans around the world when she canceled her long-awaited concerts in Las Vegas, and recently had to cancel the continuation of the Courage tour, which is planned for North America. The reason is her health problems which, according to her friend, tied her to the bed.

Celine has been suffering from, as the media write, “severe and constant muscle cramps” for some time, and her condition is not improving. In addition, the singer feels worse.

– It seems that no one knows what is wrong. She is absolutely broken that she had to cancel the concerts, she is very upset about this situation. She has always been healthy, so this is a real calculation for her. “Her family is recovering from the initial shock, especially her three sons, who lost their father six years ago,” said Celine’s unnamed friend.


According to, she can no longer get out of bed, and her friend pointed out that the pain in the legs and feet that the singer is struggling with is so strong that it completely paralyzes her. Celine, as she added, suddenly lost weight, so it becomes more and more difficult for her to take care of the children.


It was recently revealed that the singer’s work has contributed to the deterioration of her condition to some extent.

– She wants to perform at the highest level, and her busy schedule would hurt everyone. “She is strong, but she is not Superman,” said an unnamed source close to Celine Dion.

photo: Face to Face / Profimedia

She recently addressed her fans on Instagram, noting that she is optimistic.

– I thought I would recover by now, but it seems that I have to listen to the doctor’s advice for a while and be patient. “I can’t wait to get well and come back, both on a daily basis and on stage,” Celine said, thanking everyone for their support.

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