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Carrollton bank was a target of robbery; four people arrested after opening fire at armored car and shot the driver

CARROLLTON, Texas – Following a bank robbery and subsequent gunshot at a location in Carrollton, four suspects were apprehended in the region surrounding Tyler.

Around noon on Thursday, according to the Carrollton police, a group of individuals attempted to rob an armored van that was parked at a Bank of America. Shots were fired during the incident.

The number of shooters has not been confirmed by the authorities, however there were a significant number of spent shells found at the scene.

One of the vendor’s employees, who worked in the armored van, was shot.

Oscar Perez said that he ducked behind a stone column when he heard gunshots just a few feet away from his salon. The gunfire was very close to his business.

He explained, “I tried to hide myself in that manner because the gunshots were going off.”

The call came in shortly after 12 o’clock noon, according to the Carrollton police department. regarding a heist that took place at the Bank of America branch located in the Carrollton Park Shopping Center on Josey Lane.

According to the police, a white armored vehicle had two individuals who worked for the security services company GardaWorld. They had a contract to restock the automated teller machine at the bank.

According to the investigators, four individuals opened fire on the van, causing one of the security guards to sustain an injury to his arm.

Even though it is unknown whether or not the GardaWorld personnel fired back, SKY 4 was able to acquire evidence markers for what seemed to be nearly 20 different rounds of ammunition being discharged. The location of the crime did not contain any weapons, according to the investigators.

Perez recalled, “I see the guys working for the bank. They tried to protect themselves,” and he was referring to the other employees. “And I saw the robbers in the grey car, but I only saw one of them,” she said. “But I saw one of them.”

FOX 4 had a conversation with a woman a few doors down at Diva’s Hair Salon. The woman claimed that the gunshot took place just next to her parked SUV. She did not want her face to be shown on video, but she did say that she hid inside the salon for a few minutes while the rounds were being fired outside.

She expressed her anxiety by saying, “So nervous, and then when we see everything, go back, get on the floor.” “Most likely, it will take longer than 15 minutes.”

The armored van that was parked on Josey Lane and has many bullet holes on the passenger side was captured on camera by SKY 4.

GardaWorld staff most likely fled the bank in their vehicles in order to avoid being shot by the suspects, according to the police, who are currently looking for CCTV video from the bank.

After the culprits had fled the scene, according to the police. They got out of the car they had been in previously and got into another vehicle instead.

Approximately three hours after the BOLO notice was issued, the vehicle in question was located. by a constable from Smith County, approximately one hundred miles to the east on Interstate 20 in Tyler.

The authorities have not disclosed whether or whether they were able to collect any weapons from the second vehicle.

The GardaWorld employee who was hurt is anticipated to make a full recovery, while the other staff remained unharmed.

According to what Perez had to say, “They are incredibly lucky to be alive, and so are we.”

The four suspects will be held in custody throughout the night in the Smith County Jail. They will first be taken back to Carrollton, where they will remain until Friday, when they will be sent to the Dallas County Jail.

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