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Carjacker Picks the Wrong Woman to Victimize – When Police Arrive It’s Already Too Late for Him

In a day and age of defunded police departments and out-of-control crime, especially in Democrat-led cities where prosecutors are soft, a firearm could be an American citizen’s first and last line of defense in a life-or-death situation.

Whether or not someone lives in a place where they are able to carry a concealed firearm to defend oneself, the bottom line is that during an attack, one must choose to take a bold stand or become a victim. A woman in Las Vegas chose the former when a group of alleged carjacker thugs made their move, according to KVVU-TV.

Reportedly on the way to a Friendsgiving holiday dinner, two women realized they had arrived at the gathering a bit early, so they parked nearby to wait.

While they were waiting, two males in a vehicle quickly moved to block the women from escaping in their car, and the situation turned ugly fast. The alleged suspects demanded that the women exit the vehicle and threatened them with guns.

One of the attackers escalated the situation and grabbed the woman in the driver’s seat, yanking her out of the vehicle. That would ultimately become the attacker’s first egregious mistake.

The alleged carjacker immediately hopped into the driver’s seat in what was presumably an attempt to take off with the vehicle, but hilariously, he wasn’t able to place the vehicle in “drive,” as such an action required the press of a button.

As he struggled with getting the vehicle going, he placed his loaded firearm in his lap. And yes, that was mistake number two.

During the alleged carjacker’s attempt to start the vehicle, one of the women noticed that he was no longer controlling his firearm, so she made the bold move of grabbing it away from him and running.

One of the suspects successfully chased her down, tackling her from behind, and a struggle ensued. But that would prove to be the alleged carjacker’s last few moments, as the woman refused to die that day and made the split-second decision to use his own gun against him.

Do you carry a concealed firearm?

He was found dead in the street, bleeding from his head. The second alleged carjacker attempted to shoot at the brave woman but presumably gave up, as the woman told detectives that she heard him cry out that his partner in crime had been shot.

One of the alleged carjackers was later identified as 18-year-old Jaylin Morrison, according to KTLA. Morrison was arrested after detectives had spotted the vehicle he was in with his deceased partner on multiple surveillance videos. Morrison was arrested on Dec. 2.

Morrison faces multiple charges, including “second-degree kidnapping, attempted robbery, burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery, all with a deadly weapon,” KTLA noted.

Many Twitter users commented on the situation, congratulating the woman for doing whatever it took to stay alive and not become another victim in a crime-ridden city.

“And she lived happily ever after…good job!!” one Twitter user wrote.

It’s also fascinating to wonder how the younger, surviving would-be carjacking suspect feels about the ordeal. He not only lost a friend, but he will hopefully do enough time to reflect on his poor decisions. And even if he gets out before he should, perhaps he’ll think twice the next time he wants to commit a serious, violent crime.

This entire situation, admittedly, was a lucky break for the woman who was courageous enough to take action. Still, it underscores the extreme importance of protecting the Second Amendment at all costs. As crime continues to worsen in many areas of the country, a legally-owned firearm will likely be the only sure way to protect ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.

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