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Career criminal busted in NYC subway shove calls himself ‘second Jesus’ in bizarre jailhouse interview

A Brooklyn career criminal busted in a caught-on-video subway shoving called himself the ‘”second Jesus” and claimed he will be able to control the judge during an exclusive jailhouse interview on Wednesday.

Lamale McRae — who previously did 20 years behind bars for attempted murder — compared himself to the Central Park Five and suggested he was innocent during an unhinged rant at Rikers Island.

“They said, allegedly — and I said allegedly — someone who looks like me pushed somebody,” he told the Post about the Oct. 21 shove.

The 41-year-old is facing attempted murder and assault charges after he allegedly pushed 32-year-old David Martin onto the tracks at the Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenues station Friday in a random attack.

Surveillance footage allegedly shows McRae look both ways as if the coast is clear before sprinting across the platform and lunging at Martin, knocking him onto the tracks. Martin suffered a broken collarbone and bruising and was left traumatized to the point of being suicidal, his mother said.

Ironically, McRae warned transit riders to be aware of their surroundings during his longwinded, and often incoherent, tirade at Rikers.

“The MTA — be aware, look around,” he said, but refused to explain what he meant.

McRae, who said he sleeps on the trains, also claimed he has special powers akin to the second coming of Christ that will help him control the outcome of his trial.

“I can control the judge,” he said leaning in, eyes wide open. “I have power. I’m the second Jesus. The first one died.”

In the same breath, he claimed that authorities are pinning the subway shoving on him due to his criminal record and attempted murder conviction.

“They can put anything on me now,” McRae said, opening up his arms. “It’s like the Central Park Five, the Harlem Six.”

Lamale McRae is walked in handcuffs
Lamale McRae claimed he was the second coming of Christ in a jailhouse interview Wednesday.
Gregory P. Mango
A man reported to be Lamale McRae shoves a person onto subway tracks
Lamale McRae is accused of shoving an innocent man onto Brooklyn subway tracks in an unprovoked attack.

He previously served nearly two decades in prison for a 1997 attempted murder and robbery in the Bronx, which was committed when he was around 17, according to police sources and records. He was paroled in the case in May 2018.

McRae’s own family warned others of his antics and banished him from their home.

His cousin said he isn’t right in the head.

“He was off,” the cousin Kay told The Post last week. “Something is wrong with him. That’s why he can’t stay here. He’s been off for two years now.”

She said McRae, who has been arrested more than two dozen times, once attacked the mailman and has a history of mental illness that worsened when his mother died from dementia about two years ago.

“He needs to be medicated,” Kay said. “He was in Woodhull [Medical and Mental Health Center in Brooklyn], but they let him go.”

McRae told The Post he has an 11-year-old daughter who he’s not allowed to see.

“I haven’t seen her for seven years,” he said. “They keep her away from me.”

At several points during the interview, McRae — who was dressed in a light green prison jumpsuit and brown slippers — laughed wickedly, stared down the reporter and slid up and down on the bench he was seated on.

He rambled about getting an STD from a woman, biblical stories, slavery and the treatment of black people before howling when guards removed him at the end of the interview.

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