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Car catches fire in a north Omaha parking lot early Tuesday afternoon, one person injured following mini explosions in the vehicle

OMAHA, Nebraska – Tuesday afternoon, there were terrifying sights and sounds in a parking lot in north Omaha.

A vehicle fire near 30th and Ames resulted in the hospitalization of one person and the scattering of onlookers.

A vehicle was completely enveloped in flames. Several mini-explosions occurred in the vehicle due to the fire and heat.

Officials from the fire department suspect magnesium and pressurized gases in automobile components triggered the explosions and fire flashes. The jarring sounds caused onlookers to take cover behind a building wall.

“Wow, because it’s popping and don’t know what’s popping, if the gas tank can blow up then,” witness Rick Nelson said. “I didn’t see a tank blow up but it can be scary.”

Officials with the fire department said that a woman, believed to be the sole occupant, was out of the vehicle when a fire squad arrived. She was brought to a hospital in Omaha by a rescue team.

The initial condition report indicates that she had non-fatal burns.

Due to the injury, fire investigators will attempt to determine the origin of the vehicle fire.

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