Cape Coral boil water advisory: While many local business closed, Chamber of Commerce confirmed that most local businesses were operational

CAPE CORAL, Florida — If you saw the signs of closure posted outside the Starbucks location on Del Prado on Tuesday morning, you could have found yourself suffering from caffeine withdrawals. It was one of numerous companies, including the Cape Coral site of 10TwentyFive along Nicholas Parkway, that were forced to close for the day as a result of the 18-hour boil water advisory that was issued for the city of Cape Coral.

We are thankful that the Chamber of Commerce informed us that this was not the norm, and that the majority of firms ran with only a few minor adjustments.

House of Omelets on Pine Island Road, which is one of those companies, was required to give clients bottled water and canned soda until the notice was lifted on Tuesday afternoon.

The manager of the restaurant, Michele Roman, was quoted as saying, “We’ll simply have to look at it as another challenge we’ll get through.”

Roman claims that she learned of the notice late last night and was forced to make hasty preparations on Tuesday morning, before the restaurant opened. She decided to make adjustments rather than shutting down for the day.

“We were just like, let’s do it, let’s do what we need to do and see what it brings,” adds Roman. “We were just like, let’s do what we need to do and see what it comes.”

According to Roman, the acquisition of those cans of soda and bottles of water proved to be a difficult task for them.

However, we were successful in spite of the fact that we had to visit multiple locations in order to obtain water and soda.

In a written statement, the Cape Chamber of Commerce cited one of its members as an example of the potential loss, saying in part:

“If they consider fixed costs like rent, they will lose at least $150 to $200 every day. Considering that their workforce only works four days a week, this will result in a reduction of 25% of their revenue for the company.”

An unforeseen occurrence for the Cape’s various companies, both large and small.

“For a lot of people, it’s just like a home away from home, and that’s what makes it very great,” adds Roman. “It’s just like a home away from home.”

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