California students will now be eligible for 24/7 help with their homework, part of library renovation project

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Because of a new program that Governor Gavin Newsom introduced on Monday, kids in the state of California now have access to free online tutoring and assignment aid around the clock and around the web.

The project also includes a grant in the amount of $254 million to be used for the renovation of public libraries around the state.

Students can get online tutoring or live help with their homework by going to the website for their state or to the websites of any of the state’s public libraries at any time of the day or night.

Students and their parents will discover a part that provides them with the opportunity to speak with a live tutor on an individual basis.

“I really am just excited to see that students, K-12, anybody has access to the online tutoring,” said Maureen Scharberg, the dean of academic programs and services at Cal State East Bay. “I think it’s a game changer. I really am just excited to see that students have access to the online tutoring.”

Scharberg is still concerned about whether or not everyone has equitable access to the internet; nonetheless, she is anticipating that this will make a significant effect.

She said, “As an educator, what I do not want from my students is for them to have the mentality that ‘oh, I’ve gotta ask a question but it’s 10 o’clock at night and I might forget, I want to be able to get online and get my answer addressed or get help on this particular subject right away.'” “As an educator, what I do not want from my students is that mentality.”

According to Dr. Nicole Priestly, who is in charge of the curriculum and instruction at the San Francisco Unified School District, this will make the playing field more even for every kid.

“I believe that this tutoring service provided by the governor provides that, for the students who need it the most, and it offers them a chance they may not have had otherwise,” Priestly said. “I think this tutoring service provided by the governor does that.”

According to the press release, Governor Newsom announced that the pilot program will provide assistance in the areas of mathematics, language arts, and other fundamental K-12 courses in the languages of English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

And despite the fact that Priestly stated some of their families were hit worse than others by the epidemic, this free tool helps them achieve their objective of offering the greatest support that is humanly possible.

“This not only makes the possibility for learning much more extensive, but it also brings it in line with what we already know to be beneficial for children. This is an approach that helps children learn, helps them advance more quickly, engages students on a deeper level, which keeps them in school and really connected to learning, and engages students at a new level “The priestly remark was.

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement to utilize the service. According to the office of Governor Newsom, adult students can also gain access to writing support, citizenship resources, and other tools.

The money comes from a grant program called Building Forward, which supports library improvements. This will enable the renovation and improvement of library facilities in 172 cities and 34 counties across the country.

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