California continues to battle raging fires, strong winds cause problems for fire crews

Firefighters in the United States continued to struggle today to bring under control catastrophic wildfires that have erupted in California as a result of the excessive heat. These fires have forced thousands of people to evacuate mountain villages on both sides of the state. During this time, Southern California was making preparations for the arrival of a tropical storm that had the potential to bring flash flooding and further issues to the electricity grid of the state. The Guardian.

The Fairview fire, which is located in southern California, has burned around 95 square kilometers of land in Riverside County and is just 5% contained at the moment. On Monday, at least 11 buildings were destroyed, and the evacuation of the area resulted in the deaths of two persons. According to the officials, the blaze posed a risk to more than 18,000 different properties.

In the northern part of the Sierra Nevada, the fire has consumed at least 52 square kilometers of land and is putting 3,600 houses in Placer and El Dorado counties in danger as it covers the area in a thick cloud of smoke.

The flames crossed the American River, destroyed structures in the mountain community of Volcanoville, and moved closer to the towns of Foresthill, which had a population of around 1,500, and Georgetown, which had a population of approximately 3,000.

Flames are a common risk during the summer months in California, but this September has seen record temperatures across the United States, which has contributed to an increase in the severity of wildfires.

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