Business owner looking for Good Samaritans who saved building from arson

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – It’s a story that could have ended much differently. A dumpster was intentionally set on fire over the weekend, that according to a police report was likely started by two young kids no older than 12. Thanks to two strangers, it was quickly extinguished.

Surveillance video shows the fire starting around 5:00 pm on Sunday, just a few minutes later the two men are seen on camera walking towards it and out of the frame, they pushed the dumpster away from the building.

Scott Stewart runs Nebraska Printing Center, the building where the arson happened, he is still looking for the two men who helped out, they had left the scene before they were identified. That move likely saved the 10,000-square-foot building from being swarmed by the fire. LFR arrived shortly after to put out the blaze.

Stewart tells 10/11 that those two risked their safety by not knowing what was in the dumpster, and not wearing protective gear.

“They had no clue what could’ve been in there, it happened to be recycled cardboard but they came in with that heavy wind and moved that dumpster away from the building,” Stewart said.

Stewart said had the fire burned for even a minute or two longer it would’ve engaged the whole building, and the outcome could’ve been much worse than the estimated damages of $2,600.

“There was a concrete block up a certain height and that was very very helpful,” Stewart said. “but you can see the black searing, and above that is an emergency escape walkway, and had that caught fire that would’ve carried it into the building and the building is all wood on the inside.”

His goal now is to track down the two guys. And hopefully, say thank you by taking them out to dinner or buying them a gift of some kind.

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